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Drop off and collection lockers

Drop off and collection lockers can be a useful addition to any business. Whether they are used to collect parcels or drop off keys for cars that need a service or work carrying out on them, it can save customers having to wait around for an employee to be there.

Drop off and collection lockers can be used with keys or codes, there are a variety of drop off and collection lockers available, so you can choose one to suit your needs.

You can even send or return parcels, these are called an Inpost locker, once you have dropped off your parcel, you would be sent a tracking number by email so you can track as and when your items have been collected or delivered.

Drop off and collection lockers are usually 24/7 so you can collect or drop off at any time, this is useful if you work long hours and struggle to get somewhere between the usual 9-5 time slots.

You can find them at many petrol stations, and supermarkets across the country. Also, in various businesses that will now not be without these lockers. They are useful to use if you are not going to be in and the parcel is too big to pop through the letterbox.

Drop off and collection lockers work 24/7 and are much more convenient and better for the environment, with over 65 million parcels delivered in the UK every week, parcel shippings are responsible for a large share of the UK’s vehicle emissions. Busy roads and traffic are affecting our health and quality of life and the environment. With vans delivering from depot to home and back again with the drop-off and collections lockers the driver only has to make one journey to the locker for all the parcels in one go so helping to reduce the traffic on the already busy roads. Locker deliveries will produce up to 2/3 less in CO2 emissions.


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