Precision Engineering

precision engineering

Precision Engineering for a Variety of Services

If you need engineering services, then your best bet is to look for a precision engineering company.

They will help you with a variety of services, including gearbox repair, gearcutting, hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance and fabrication.

Specialist engineers will guide you through whatever service you require and offer the best advice on how this can be achieved.

What are these Services?

Gearbox repair – Fixes components such as variable speed, mechanical change over, worm wheels, helical bevel, spurs and fluid. It also consists of cleaning, grading and inspection before performing the appropriate repairs for your system. Whether you have long-term gearbox issues or suffer a sudden breakdown, repairs can be completed.

Gearcutting- For both straight cut gears and helical gears. There are several methods for precision gearcutting. Hobbing cuts certain grooves into a gear depending on the type of gear you are working with. Milling rotates gears at an angle, removing unwanted material, meaning pieces can be modelled into complex forms. Broaching cuts large gears into shapes, pulling the gear through a cutting tool.

Fabrication- Can be performed on numerous metals including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, plasma and more. Cutting removes waste material to create metal sheets done to a client’s specifications. Bending applies force to metal in order to bend it to a particular shape. Profiling outlines a shape to be cut, to help decide the best way to achieve fabrication. Welding fuses metal pieces to produce larger and more complex structures.

Hydraulic maintenance- Re-chroming grinds the current chrome back to original specifications. This is a cost-effective measure as opposed to getting a replacement. Honing rotates tools and abrasives to create a pattern on the hydraulic cylinder’s surface. Honing is typically required following oil leaks.