Tooling Board Machining

Tooling boards are excellent products for machining, being dimensionally stable, it is easy to create complex and intricate designs. The process of creating the machined parts is a critical part of the manufacturing process. It is critical the finish of the product is clean, smooth, and fit for purpose. Polyurethane and Epoxy Tooling board machining products are a good choice for a long-lasting yet mouldable material used across many industries, commonly for prototyping and testing designs.

The Tooling Board Machining Process Explained

The example below summarises how high-temperature tooling board can be finished using CNC machining.

  1. Bonding – Layers of tooling board and high-temperature adhesive are stacked together to bond and form a strong block. This is usually vacuum bagged to ensure there are thin board lines, which is then cured and prepared for CNC machining
  2. Tooling board machining – an initial ‘rough cut’ is performed using larger CNC machines and routers. 1-3mm of materials is left to be finished via filling and sanding.
  3. Prepreg & Curing – The tooling board surface area is prepared and piles of prepreg are applied on top and vacuum bagged. The curing process then begins.
  4. Finishing – After the cure has been completed, the tooling board goes through the final machining and polishing stage. Any structural support that is needed is attached, and the surface is then sealed.

tooling board

Precision Engineering

precision engineering

Precision Engineering for a Variety of Services

If you need engineering services, then your best bet is to look for a precision engineering company.

They will help you with a variety of services, including gearbox repair, gearcutting, hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance and fabrication.

Specialist engineers will guide you through whatever service you require and offer the best advice on how this can be achieved.

What are these Services?

Gearbox repair – Fixes components such as variable speed, mechanical change over, worm wheels, helical bevel, spurs and fluid. It also consists of cleaning, grading and inspection before performing the appropriate repairs for your system. Whether you have long-term gearbox issues or suffer a sudden breakdown, repairs can be completed.

Gearcutting- For both straight cut gears and helical gears. There are several methods for precision gearcutting. Hobbing cuts certain grooves into a gear depending on the type of gear you are working with. Milling rotates gears at an angle, removing unwanted material, meaning pieces can be modelled into complex forms. Broaching cuts large gears into shapes, pulling the gear through a cutting tool.

Fabrication- Can be performed on numerous metals including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, plasma and more. Cutting removes waste material to create metal sheets done to a client’s specifications. Bending applies force to metal in order to bend it to a particular shape. Profiling outlines a shape to be cut, to help decide the best way to achieve fabrication. Welding fuses metal pieces to produce larger and more complex structures.

Hydraulic maintenance- Re-chroming grinds the current chrome back to original specifications. This is a cost-effective measure as opposed to getting a replacement. Honing rotates tools and abrasives to create a pattern on the hydraulic cylinder’s surface. Honing is typically required following oil leaks.

The Benefits of Pallet Racking for your Business

Pallet racking has become an integral part of any business that deals with stock on pallets. Large, heavy and difficult to navigate and access, stock can be easily stored and retrieved with the use of pallet racking.
A number of sectors see the benefits of pallet racking on a daily basis, from builders merchants to kitchen, bedroom and bathroom warehouses.
There are a number of benefits of pallet racking for your business and once the initial cost and time in purchasing and setting up, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!
Pallet racking is substantially cheaper than other shelving options as it utilises the pallet that the stock arrives on to act as part of the shelving. The pallets are positioning on top of the racks that are light and sturdy and made up of a few simple components.
Other benefits of pallet racking for your business also include the fact that they are easily adaptable and can increase and decrease with your stock levels. You can simply extend or reduce your racking (with the help of professional to ensure health and safety guidelines are adhered to).
When you are holding large amounts of stock that are frequently checked, refreshed and accessed, pallet racking enables stock to be easily seen and accessed. It also allows for ventilation to keep products dry and in good condition.
There are a number of pallet racking features to consider when purchasing the right pallet racks for you, these include:
• Are the racks manufactured in accordance with the SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking?
• Does the design conform to BS EN15512:2009 standards?
• Are the beams manufactured with single continuous uprights for maximum rigidity?
• Are the locking pins tamper proof?
• Do they have double fixing footplates?
It is important to ensure your racking is correctly fitted and maintained, SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspector) carries out racking inspections to ensure accidents are prevented and minimised. They also ensure you are complying with relevant legislation such as Health & Safety Welfare Regulations and maximise safety in the workplace.


Drop off and collection lockers

Drop off and collection lockers can be a useful addition to any business. Whether they are used to collect parcels or drop off keys for cars that need a service or work carrying out on them, it can save customers having to wait around for an employee to be there.

Drop off and collection lockers can be used with keys or codes, there are a variety of drop off and collection lockers available, so you can choose one to suit your needs.

You can even send or return parcels, these are called an Inpost locker, once you have dropped off your parcel, you would be sent a tracking number by email so you can track as and when your items have been collected or delivered.

Drop off and collection lockers are usually 24/7 so you can collect or drop off at any time, this is useful if you work long hours and struggle to get somewhere between the usual 9-5 time slots.

You can find them at many petrol stations, and supermarkets across the country. Also, in various businesses that will now not be without these lockers. They are useful to use if you are not going to be in and the parcel is too big to pop through the letterbox.

Drop off and collection lockers work 24/7 and are much more convenient and better for the environment, with over 65 million parcels delivered in the UK every week, parcel shippings are responsible for a large share of the UK’s vehicle emissions. Busy roads and traffic are affecting our health and quality of life and the environment. With vans delivering from depot to home and back again with the drop-off and collections lockers the driver only has to make one journey to the locker for all the parcels in one go so helping to reduce the traffic on the already busy roads. Locker deliveries will produce up to 2/3 less in CO2 emissions.


Orange Lockers

Orange Lockers

The Uses Of Glossmeter And Benefits Of Buying It Online

A Glossmeter (commonly referred to as gloss meter) is a spectacular instrument that is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a given surface. The gloss is a scientific process determined by projecting a light beam at a fixed angle and intensity onto a surface and the reflected light is measured at an equal but opposite angle. However, there are different available geometries that are commonly used for gloss measurements depending on the type of the surface and colour that is to be measured. For instance, the amount of light reflected by non-metals (such as plastics and coatings) increases as the angle of illumination increases. This is because either some of the light is absorbed into the surface or a greater percentage of it penetrates the surface depending on its colour.

Gloss meters

Application/Uses of Glossmeter

As stated earlier in the introductory section, several international technical standards define the specifications and method of use for different types of gloss meter used to measure gloss on various types of surfaces/materials such as ceramics, metals, plastics, and even paints. In this regard, Gloss meters find their major applications in many industries (from Automotives to paper mills, and so on) for quality control purposes, which ensures consistency of products in the manufacturing processes.

Advantages of Purchasing Glossmeter online

Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can purchase any product from all over the world. Equally, with the help of sophisticated means of transportation, you are sure of receiving your product at your doorstep within the shortest time possible. In this regard, Glossmeter is not exceptional; you can purchase it online from the most reputed and trusted sites (commonly,, and many more). There are several reasons as to why you need to purchase your glossmeter online, and the following are eminent:

  • Online buying is the most convenient
  • Better and affordable prices are available
  • Home of variety and choice
  • Online purchasing is accompanied by huge discounts and gifts
  • There are a few expenses associated with buying glossmeter online
  • Online platform allows buyers to make price comparison
  • New, used, and old gloss meters are available for sell at online platforms
  • And many more


From the above overview, it is quite clear that gloss meter is an instrument that cannot be ignored in any manufacturing industry if there is a need for quick inspection and consistency of production line. Otherwise, it is highly advisable if you can purchase the above instrument online.